Traditionally yoga is taught privately, it is the best way to learn the art of yoga in depth and achieve your goals sooner. 


  • Tailored to your needs
  • Achieve your goals sooner
  • Transform your life faster
  • No judgement or pressure from a group
  • Ask questions anytime you like
  • Hands on adjustment to ensure correct alignment 


What to expect

As these lessons are tailored to you, they are based on your goals. Therefore, we begin with an initial phone call to discuss your goals, needs and strengths. I am here to assist you in what you would like to achieve. If you would prefer to not speak over the phone for this, then we can email instead. After this, we can begin our classes. I want to make sure that you are comfortable at all times, therefore we keep an open dialogue to make sure that we are aligned with what feels right for you.

Price For 1 Hour Class

1 Class – £35

6 Classes – £180